Electrolux to Supply Appliances to Antarctic Research Station
Dec 11, 2002
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Electrolux, a manufacturer of household appliances for kitchen, cleaning, and outdoor use, has signed an agreement with the Italian research organization Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie l'Energia e l'Ambiente (ENEA) to supply its new Antarctic research station with home appliances. The specific agreement, with ENEA's GSP1-ANTAR unit, in charge of Antarctic operations, was finalised in Italy.

The base, which is being constructed in partnership with France's Insitut Polaire Emile Victor (IPEV), is expected to be fully operational in 2004. Housing 16 scientists during the winter months and 32 during the summer, the inhabitants will rely on the durability and endurance of the appliances year-round. Electrolux will deliver 12 appliances to the station, including dishwashers, washing machines, and clothes dryers. The appliances are being supplied free of charge. GSP1-ANTAR has also ordered 16 additional appliances for its existing coastal research centre Stazione Baia Terra Nova. "Environmentally sound and durable equipment is extremely important in a region where winter temperatures can reach -80°c and hurricane force blizzards are part of daily life. The equipment in the research station takes on an absolutely vital comfort - and even a basic survival - role. In such harsh environmental conditions it is important to have the best products available," states ENEA's GSP1-ANTAR unit.

The appliances have already been shipped from the port of Ravenna in Italy and are currently heading toward New Zealand, where they are expected to arrive in early 2003. From there, a shuttle vessel will transport them to an Antarctic coastal station. A Twin Otter airplane will make the final 1,100 km leg of the journey to Dome C.

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