Scott Technology to Open Shanghai Office
Dec 10, 2002
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Scott Technology is to establish a Shanghai office to boost access to the "phenomenal" whiteware appliance sales in China, which it says has the long-term potential to be bigger than the United States' appliance market. "China's production of whiteware appliances is increasing at a phenomenal rate, in terms of units produced for both local consumption and export," chief executive Kevin Kilpatrick said.

Shanghai is the hub of appliance making in China, with 60 percent of the country's producers within a six-hour driving radius of the city. "We want to ensure we diversity geographically to produce a buffer from localised downturns," Mr. Kilpatrick said of supplying the rest of the world.

About four years ago Scott first supplied equipment for U.S. manufacturer and retailer Whirlpool, which was part of a China joint-venture. About 2 years ago, Scott built and shipped a washing machine appliance production system directly to the customer. It was integrated with the system previously provided by Scott, which now makes one appliance every 12 sec. "The successful completion of this project further cemented our excellent relationship with our client and further developed the company's reputation within the Chinese market," Mr. Kilpatrick said. (Independent Newspapers Limited)

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