German Company Developing “Talking” Washing Machine
May 1, 2003
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A German company named Speech Experts is currently developing a “talking” washing machine that can be operated by speech. The prototype, which was first exhibited at CeBIT 2003, uses speech recognition technology developed by Speech Experts and is housed in a washing machine provided by Siemens. The appliance is not only controlled by speech, but can reportedly give users assistance in garment sorting and laundry treatment.

According to Speech Experts, the dialogue with the washing machine is designed for natural and flexible speech interaction. The machine understands the user, whether he or she uses simple commands or complete sentences. The washing machine also reportedly understands extra settings like “pre-wash” or “delay the start for half an hour.”

The technology provides tips for adequate detergents and programs settings. In addition, the “smart” machine is said to know how to rid cloths of stains, chewing gum, or wax and even offers a tutorial for first-time washing machine users, including garment sorting tips and instructions on how to properly load the machine.

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