China Concerned About U.S. TV Dumping Probe
Jun 23, 2003
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China said on Sunday it is concerned about the way the United States is handling an anti-dumping investigation into imports of color television sets and urged that it be fairer.

"The Chinese government is very concerned about the preliminary judgment by the U.S. International Trade Commission that Chinese televisions had materially injured the U.S. industry," the Commerce Ministry said in statement. "We hope the case can be resolve fairly and reasonably," said the statement, published on the ministry's web site at

The U.S. trade commission cleared the way earlier this month for the Bush administration to investigate whether to impose anti-dumping duties of up to 84 percent on color televisions made in China and Malaysia.

It voted that there was a reasonable indication that a dramatic surge in television imports from the two countries has materially injured U.S. producers.

The Commerce Ministry opposed the U.S. probe because it said the bodies that brought the original complaint were not representative of the U.S. television industry.

The U.S. side had not given Chinese producers the right to demonstrate their business activities were in line with that of a "market economy," it said.

"Based on the actual situation of China's color television exports, it's hard to reach a conclusion they have caused injury to their U.S. counterparts," it said.

Analysts have said the U.S. move could hit China's television makers and the country's leading producers, including Sichuan Changhong, have vowed to fight back on the U.S. anti-dumping probe. (Reuters)

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