Vending Machines Prototypes Introduced
Nov 19, 2002
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Fuji Denki Reiki Co,, a Japanese vending-machine maker, unveiled a prototype soft drink vending machine that recommends certain drinks based on an analysis of each customer's preferences and a machine that gives makeup simulations. Fuji Denki Reiki said it has yet to decide when such machines will actually be launched in the market, but technologically, both machines are almost complete.

"In the future, we want to give vending machines a cozy and homey atmosphere," a company official said. The soft drink vending machine requires a prepaid card with integrated circuits, which memorizes past purchases. When a customer inserts the card to buy a drink, the vending machine reads the records and analyzes his or her preferences in coffee or other types of drinks, and suggests three or four products out of 30-40 kinds of drinks available in the machine.

The cosmetic products vending machine is equipped with a display and a special pen for use in makeup simulations. A customer, before making a purchase, can see how the product of choice would look on his or her face shown in the display. (Kyodo News)

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