Whirlpool Selects Illuminator as Information Systems Platform
Nov 12, 2002
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Lighthammer(TM) announced that Whirlpool Corp. has selected Illuminator(TM) as its manufacturing information systems platform to help drive operational excellence through improved quality, reduced costs, and increased operational equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Illuminator will also be used to enable dynamic, real-time information flow between plant people/systems and enterprise systems, including SAP R/3. Under the agreement, Illuminator will be deployed in 24 Whirlpool manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe as part of its worldwide manufacturing IS strategy.

The rollout began with the development of performance management applications in the Evansville, IN, U.S. North American manufacturing division, and will be followed by additional locations and solutions. These solutions could include functions built around manufacturing digital dashboard, quality management, and SAP integration. "Our overall IS strategy is to reduce the number of applications that we must develop and maintain throughout our IT landscape," said Jim Shimp, Whirlpool's IS director of manufacturing applications. "We require a solution that will work in all of our plants, regardless of their IS and automation infrastructure choices, that is robust enough to address manufacturing performance applications driving operational excellence, as well as, provide the transactional integration with SAP.

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