Whirlpool Opens Its First Public Showroom
Nov 8, 2002
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Whirlpool opened its first public showroom and innovation laboratory in Atlanta, GA, U.S. The facility, with 12,000 sq ft, enables consumers and home professionals to "test-drive" Whirlpool and KitchenAid appliances. National accounts and other customers from across the country will use the facility for training and insights on how to improve products and distribution.

Seven working displays, including some of Whirlpool’s most advanced products, afford visitors opportunities to turn knobs, cook a meal or wash their own laundry. Insperience has scheduled chef demonstrations, cooking classes, fabric-care events, focus groups and product training. "We are constantly searching for new vehicles to bring us closer to our customers," said David Swift, executive vice president of Whirlpool North America.
"We think this is totally unique," said David Provost, director of purchasing-experience execution. "We’ve done a lot of research, and consumers are not happy with their experience shopping for appliances.

Insperience does not sell any major appliances, but refers customers to dealers. A retail store here does sell KitchenAid portable appliances, cookbooks and the like.

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