Whirlpool Announces Executive Changes
Oct 16, 2002
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Whirlpool Corporation announced that Steve Paddock, who currently is vice president in charge of Global Refrigeration Technology Development, will take over as vice president of Global Cooking Technology Development. Karel Czanderna, who is joining Whirlpool from Eastman Kodak Company, will assume Mr. Paddock's former post when these changes become effective on Nov. 1. Mr. Paddock has worked at Whirlpool for 26 years. He will oversee all of the company's cooking technology centers in St. Joseph, MI, U.S.; Cassinetta, Italy; Joinville, Brazil; and Celaya, Mexico.

Ms. Czanderna will oversee all of Whirlpool's regional refrigeration technology centers in Evansville, IN, U.S.; Pune, India; Cassinetta, Italy; Monterrey, Mexico; and Joinville, Brazil. In her previous post at Eastman Kodak, Ms. Czanderna had been vice president and corporate director for the company's Inkjet business strategy. She had been with the company for 18 years and held a series of increasingly senior positions.

Luis Reyes, who had headed up Mr. Paddock's new post at the global cooking technology group, has been named general manager of Whirlpool's North American southern sales region, which includes 35 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and parts of South America.

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