Whirlpool Offers EHS Training With Help From Bayer & Honeywell
Oct 11, 2002
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As part of its transition to Enovate 3000 blowing agent (HFC-245fa) at its Evansville, IN, U.S., and Forth Smith, AR, U.S., refrigerator plants, Whirlpool Corporation recently organized environmental, health and safety (EHS) training sessions for approximately 260 employees. Five sessions were conducted for company engineers, supervisors, foam technicians, operators, quality control, and materials engineers and EHS staff.

Bayer Corporation's Polyurethanes Division and Honeywell's Fluorine Product operating unit helped Whirlpool employees learn more about the chemistry and processing behind the polyurethane foam and blowing agents that will insulate Whirlpool refrigerators.

Led by Senior Scientist Kevin Elsken, a team from Bayer presented its Fundamentals of Appliance Foam Technology program. The comprehensive lecture covered the chemistry and processing of polyurethane foam made with a blowing agent such as Enovate 3000, as well as information on refrigerator cabinet design and on the safe storage, handling, and processing of polyurethane chemicals.

Honeywell, represented by Principal Engineer Jim Bowman, delivered a presentation focusing on the properties and proper handling of Enovate 3000 blowing agent.

Both presentations used multimedia graphics to drive home technical details about processing polyurethane raw materials and the blowing agent into refrigerator insulation.

"We hope to incorporate much of the presentations into our division EHS training later in the year for other division employees," said Gregory Kissel, environmental engineer for Whirlpool's Evansville Division. "We appreciate working with individuals who know the business and aid us routinely in our day-to-day needs as well as with future projects."

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