Matsushita to Discontinue Use of RoHS-Specified Hazardous Substances
Jun 19, 2003
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Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. today announced that its group companies will accelerate their efforts to globally abolish the use of hazardous substances as specified by the European Union’s (EU) RoHS Directive on chemical substances. According to the company, its group companies will meet the requirements beginning with products shipped from April 2005 onwards, a year before the scheduled deadline.

Once adopted by EU member states, the RoHS Directive will reportedly ban the use of six specified hazardous substances in new products to be sold in EU countries beginning in July 2006. Substances listed as hazardous by the directive include lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, and specified bromine-based flame retardents (PBBs and PBDEs).

The company said the decision to bring forth the plan to abolish the hazardous substances was affected by its belief that many nations outside the EU will adopt similar requirements on the hazardous materials in electronics products. According to Matsushita, its plan to discontinue the use of hazardous substances ahead of the mandatory deadline is part of the company’s Green Plan 2010. Green Plan 2010 is reportedly a concrete action schedule targeting specific environmental objectives to be achieved by 2010.

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