3M Organizational Changes & Executive Appointments
Oct 1, 2002
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Organizational changes at St. Paul, MN, U.S.-based 3M went into effect today. The strategic re-alignment of the organization is designed to enable faster growth. Changes include forming seven businesses designed to be closely focused on markets and customers.

"These structural changes - driven by our strategic planning process - represent an important step toward better access to bigger, faster growing markets," said W. James McNerney, Jr., 3M chairman and CEO. "In addition, the emergence of key new leaders affirms the vitality of our leadership development process."

New Business Units

Three new businesses, with new leadership, will be formed from existing divisions and departments.

The Safety, Security and Protection Services Business will be headed by Fred Palensky, executive vice president. The business will include:

  • Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division
  • Commercial Care Division
  • Safety and Security Systems Division
  • Industrial Mineral Products Division

    The Display and Graphics Business will be under the leadership of Jim Stake, executive vice president, and will include:
  • Traffic Control Materials Division
  • Optical Systems Division
  • Commercial Graphics Division
  • Specialty Film and Media Products Division

    The Transportation Business will be under the leadership of Steve Landwehr, executive vice president, and will include:
  • Automotive Aftermarket Division
  • Automotive Division

    New Leadership For Existing Businesses

    Chuck Reich, formerly executive vice president, Electro and Communications, was named executive vice president, Health Care Business, succeeding John Benson. He will be responsible for:
  • Drug Delivery Systems Division
  • 3M ESPE Division
  • Health Information Systems Division
  • Medical Division
  • Personal Care and Related Products Division
  • Pharmaceuticals Division

    Brad Sauer, formerly executive director, Six Sigma, was named executive vice president, Electro and Communications Business. He will be responsible for:
  • Electrical Products Division
  • Electronic and Interconnect Solutions Division
  • Microinterconnect Systems Division
  • Telecom Access Division

    The executive vice president appointments and the resulting realignment were effective today, with a 3-month transition period planned. The changes come about in response to the retirement plans announced by three executives: John Benson, executive vice president, Health Care; Paul Guehler, vice president, Research and Development; and Ron Weber, executive vice president, Transportation, Graphics and Safety Markets.

    "These three leaders have made many significant contributions to 3M and have been instrumental in 3M's success," Mr. McNerney said. "I'm delighted that they have agreed to stay as long as necessary to ensure an effective transition."

    Other Organizational Changes

    Additional organizational adjustments include moving the Dyneon, Performance Materials, and Specialty Materials Manufacturing units to the Industrial Business. The Protective Materials Division moved to the Consumer and Office Business.

    The Consumer and Office Business will continue to be led by Moe Nozari, executive vice president, and will include:
  • Office Supplies Division
  • Stationery Products Division
  • Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division
  • Protective Materials Division
  • Home Care Division
  • Visual Systems Division

    The Industrial Business will continue to be led by Harold Wiens, executive vice president, and will include:
  • Coated Abrasives Division
  • Engineered Adhesives Division
  • Industrial Tape and Specialties Division
  • Packaging Systems Division
  • Superabrasives and Microfinishing Systems Division
  • Surface Conditioning Division
  • Dyneon
  • Performance Materials Division
  • Specialty Materials Manufacturing Division

    Other Appointments

    Several new executive appointments also became effective today:
  • Jay Ihlenfeld, formerly executive vice president, Sumitomo 3M, was named vice president, Research and Development, succeeding Paul Guehler.
  • Joe Harlan, formerly staff vice president, Financial Planning and Analysis, was recommended to the board of directors of Sumitomo 3M Ltd. for the position of executive vice president, succeeding Jay Ihlenfeld.
  • Steve Webster, formerly staff vice president, Research and Development, Corporate Technology, and Transportation, Graphics and Safety Markets, was named staff vice president, Six Sigma, succeeding Brad Sauer.

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