Electrolux Using Anti-Bacterial Coating on European Fridges
May 1, 2003
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Appliance maker AB Electrolux is equipping its European freestanding refrigerators under all of its brands, including Electrolux and AEG, with a new Anti-Bacterial Coating (ABC). The coating is currently produced and used as standard in all factories across Europe.

According to Electrolux, the anti-bacterial coating provides a complete and durable solution to consumers’ concerns about hygiene and food safety in their homes. It is made of silver ions that are encapsulated in a glass ceramic compound that is then affixed to the refrigerator’s internal surfaces. Ions are released gradually, offering active protection from microorganisms. No bacterial growth can take place near the treated surfaces, the Swedish manufacturer claims.

The coating is also said to be long lasting and prevents discoloration of the inner lining of the fridge, such as yellowing due to light rays. The ABC technology consists of a natural active ingredient, silver, that reportedly has a positive impact on bad odors caused by bacteria and has no effect on food products contained in the appliance in terms of content or natural taste and smell.

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