Dell and HP Agree to Ship Sun's Java in PCs
Jun 13, 2003
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Sun Microsystems scored a victory for its Java programming language as Dell Computer and Hewlett-Packard, the world's two largest personal computer makers, agreed to ship Java technology on all their PCs. The agreements will reportedly help Sun overcome reluctance by software giant Microsoft to distribute Java on its Windows XP operating platform. Java consists of a programming language and supporting software that allows programmes to run on a variety of different systems without having to be changed for each one. Typical software is written for specific platforms. While Windows remains the dominant desktop platform, Java is increasingly popular in corporate computer and in mobile phones. Sun has long been trying to convince PC makers to sell their machines with Java already built in order to make its technology more accessible to users. Sun said it expected "many more" PC makers will start shipping the latest Java technology. The company recently announced a campaign to promote the Java brand in the hopes of getting a sales lift from the increasingly pervasive nature of the language. Critics complain that Sun, while creating the language, has gained little direct benefit from Java's success. (

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