Mitsubishi Electric Announces Commercial Refrigeration Breakthrough
Jun 12, 2003
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Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said on Wednesday that it has developed a commercial refrigerator that keeps fruit and vegetables fresh an average of five times longer than conventional machines.

The manufacturer said it will start selling the new refrigerator in Japan for 4 million yen (U.S. $ 33,962) on Thursday, with first-year sales targeted at 50 units.

Developed jointly with the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science of the National Agricultural Research Organization, the new refrigerator keeps fruit and vegetables in cool, high-humidity conditions. To avoid fungus, it generates a mixture of high-density negative ions and low-density ozone.

It reportedly keeps grapes fresh for 5 months -- about 10 times longer than conventional commercial refrigerators. Peaches are said to be able to last about 6 times longer, for 1 1/2 months.

Mitsubishi Electric said the machine is the first of its kind anywhere to be put on the market. (The Japan Times)

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