Philips Launches New Consumer Products To Boost Demand
Jun 12, 2003
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Dutch electronics giant Royal Philips Electronics NV launched a string of new products, ranging from small-sized digital cameras to portable music players, in a bid to boost demand for its consumer electronic products. Philips presented the products at a press meeting ahead of the annual IFA trade fair in Germany, which will be held in August. The company unveiled 13 flatscreen television models, offering users a choice of 10 different screen sizes. It also launched what it calls a MirrorTV - a household mirror that doubles as a television set and possibly a computer display. Philips said it will initially market the MirrorTV to hotels, adding that it expects the item to be available to consumers by 2005. Trying to attract young consumers, Philips also launched a range of portable devices, including a keychain digital camera, a new cellular phone that allows users to swap pictures and music files, and a portable MP3 music file player and recorder boasting a 15 gigabyte hard drive. Philips said it will market the products that target younger consumers with the slogan: "Things to do your thing." Rudy Provoost, vice president of the company's European consumer electronic operations, said Philips has realized that demand from young people can determine a product's success more than ever. (Dow Jones)

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