GE Introduces Profile Harmony Clothes Care System
Jun 11, 2003
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Appliance maker GE Consumer Products (Louisville, KY, U.S.) on Wednesday announced the introduction of its Profile Harmony™ Clothes Care System, said to be the first washer that communicates electronically to the dryer.

According to the company, once the wash options are selected, there's no need to program the dryer. The washer delivers load information to the dryer so that once the dryer gets the message, it automatically determines which settings will deliver the best results. The laundry pair will be available at the end of this month.

"GE conducted research in consumers' homes over the last few years to learn how family laundry habits and clothing trends have changed," said Jennifer Mintman, general manager for GE clothes care. "These new discoveries were used to create the Harmony Clothes Care System, which is designed for today's lifestyles. Performance, clothes care, capacity, and water, energy and time savings were the top consumer cues. As a result, we developed a revolutionary new clothes care system that meets these needs like no other washer and dryer pair on the market."

According to GE, the Harmony washer delivers front-load wash performance with top-load convenience. Instead of an agitator, a new HydroWash™ system gently and thoroughly cleans clothes so they look newer longer, GE claims. Using centrifugal forces, the centrifusion wash action gently pulls detergent solution throughout the clothing, and a rotating basket and infusor provide gentle cleaning action resulting in less wear and tear on fabrics.

The washer also features a large, 4.0 cubic foot stainless steel washer basket, a high spin speed (up to 1,010 revolutions per minute), and is ENERGY STAR® rated.

A Stain Inspector™ offers more than 65 common stain problem selections and optimizes wash cycles based on stain type, fabric, and garment color. The Flow-Thru™ dispenser system releases the detergent, fabric softener, additives, and bleach so consumers don't have to.

The Harmony dryer features GE’s DuoDry™ system, which is said to quickly and consistently dries all types of clothes. The system uses two motors to maintain proper airflow and control tumbling action to ensure fast, even drying. Two electronic moisture sensors and two temperature sensors help prevent under or over drying. An extra low delicate temperature is designed to protect fine hand washables.

The dryer includes a 7.3-cu-ft stainless steel dryer drum and is said to feature the largest huge dryer door opening in the industry.

The GE Profile Harmony Clothes Care System comes in white or all-new dark platinum. The suggested retail price range of the laundry pair (washer model WPGT9350C and dryer model DPGT750EC or DPGT750GC) is U.S. $1,998 - $2,198.

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