Shipments of Small Appliances Shrink
Jun 11, 2003
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U.S. manufacturers’ shipments of portable appliances took some of their deepest plunges on record in April. However, the comparisons were with a year-ago month that posted 20-percent gains. The combination of small machines for food preparation, cooking and air treatment fell 19.5 percent to 5,936,872 units and 16.8 percent to $129,537,738. Both percentages were the largest since the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers publicized data beginning with 1999. The latest month topped the dollar figure from two of the previous four Aprils, but exceeded only 1999’s units. For 2003 to date, declines were 4.7 percent to 26,791,511 units and 11.3 percent to U.S. $542,054,856. Food appliances were down 19.0 percent to 5,768,686 units and 17.9 percent to $119,791,303. Only a drop of 22.2 percent in units in October 2001 was larger. For the year to date, the falloff was 3.2 percent to 25,010,820 units and 10.3 percent to $494,019,363. Air treatment was off 33.1 percent to 168,186 units, but only 0.5 percent to $9,746,435. Through four months, declines were 20.8 percent to 1,780,690 units and 20.4 percent to $48,035,492. (HFN)

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