PEI Holds Technical Forum
May 20, 2003
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The Porcelain Enamel Institute?s (PEI) 65th Annual Technical Forum came to a close last Thursday after 4 days of presentations and events. The forum, which highlights advancements in the porcelain enameling industry, was held from May 12-15, 2003, in Nashville, TN, U.S.

Topics covered at the technical forum included acid resistant finishes, steel manufacturing, casting technology, quality control, and advancements for porcelain enameling systems.

PEI executive vice president/secretary, Cullen Hackler closed the meeting with a plan for the future. Mr. Hackler?s plan was a message of support and recruitment. He has plans to visit 20 percent of PEI?s current members, visit potential new members, travel to the expanding porcelain enameling market in Mexico, and oversee the creation of Spanish language brochures and web site.

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