Founders of ERP Announce Recommendations for EU Waste Directive
Jun 4, 2003
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The four founding members of the European Recycling Platform (ERP)—Braun, Electrolux, HP, and Sony Europe—yesterday announced recommendations for the implementation of the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive into national legislation.

Under the WEEE Directive, a company’s contribution or organization of the disposal, recycling, or recovery of the goods marketed by each producer after September 2005 is required. A producer is reportedly also expected to handle the recycling of a proportion, based on its market share year by year, of the waste from products sold before September 2005.

According to ERP, the objectives of its "Principles for the Implementation of the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive" are to ensure that national legislation remains consistent with the EU directive and to secure economies of scale and operational efficiency.

According to ERP, the foundations of its Principles of Implementation are:

-To implement the principle of individual producer responsibility, established by the WEEE Directive.

-To establish National Registers that record companies placing products on the EU market and their levels of responsibility.

-To develop guidelines on financing for future waste.

-The creation of a common logistics interface to ensure that competitive take-back schemes can operate.

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