China's TV Technology Improving
Jun 3, 2003
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China is entering the era of high-resolution digital television, industry officials say. The country's major electric home appliance producers, including Changhong, Konka, and Hisense, have entered the market this year with high-resolution digital TV sets.

Zheng Guangqing, an expert and member of the China Digital TV Standard Commission, said China ranked among the most developed in the world in high-resolution digital TV production technology.

Zheng said the country had a great potential market for high-resolution digital TV sets.

In September 1998, China succeeded in developing its first higher solution digital TV trial system. Today, China has 330 million TV users, including more than 90 million cable TV users, who are using virtual TV sets.

Meanwhile, the government is expected to promulgate high-resolution digital TV standards later this year, comprehensively regulating TV set production.

The government is investing 1.5 billion yuan (U.S. $181.3 million) over the 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-2005) in 10 projects related to the digital TV sector. (Asia Pulse, XIC)

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