Desktop Computers Popularity Today to Lead to Peripheral Sales of Tomorrow
Jun 3, 2003
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According to a new eBrain Market Research survey, the majority of U.S. consumer households own desktop computers and color printers. Both categories showed a 7-percent growth in household penetration between 2002 and 2003, with ownership of desktop computers rising from 59 percent to 66 percent and ownership of color computer printers increasing to 63 percent from 56 percent, the research firm reported.

In the coming year, the survey showed that non-owning consumers intend to continue to invest in these technologies, with 19 percent of those surveyed indicating they plan to purchase a color computer printer and 16 percent noting they plan to purchase a desktop computer. In addition, 18 percent plan to purchase a scanner and 14 percent plan to invest in a DVD drive.

"We are seeing a lot of consumer interest in purchasing computer and peripheral products over the next year and beyond," said Sean Wargo, senior industry analyst for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). "The majority of the consumers we spoke with plan on buying flat panel computer monitors, scanners, notebook/laptop computers, color computer printers and/or DVD drives sometime in the future."

eBrain administered the quantitative study, called 2003 CE Ownership & Market Potential, via telephone interview to a random national sample of 2,000 U.S. adults during February 2003.

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