TiVo Announces Audience Measurement Tools
Jun 3, 2003
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TiVo, a provider of television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), Monday announced new audience measurement tools. According to the company, the tools will give broadcasters and advertisers the first opportunity to analyze second-by-second specific viewing patterns within television programs. The tools function by collecting data when the company’s DVRs contact its Broadcast Center each day for programming information. According to TiVo, the data is collected anonymously.

The company also reported that it will offer a subscription quarterly report that uses its new tools to gather information on viewing patterns within primetime programs. TiVo clients can use the new services to examine an audience's viewing behavior at any point in a broadcast. This will help the companies to pinpoint exactly what the audience is interested in.

"As the leader and pioneer of the DVR experience, we want to embrace the opportunity to help advertisers and broadcasters better understand the current and future impact of DVR so they can adapt content and advertising strategies to this new medium. These new analysis tools can allow TiVo to play a role in assisting broadcasters and advertisers in developing compelling and interesting content for tomorrow's television audience," said Martin J. Yudkovitz, president of TiVo.

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