Salton Announces Agreement with George Foreman
May 29, 2003
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Small appliance maker Salton, Inc. announced on Wednesday that it has entered into an agreement to have George Foreman assist in promoting Salton products, including the George Foreman(TM) product lines, and in maintaining business relations with Salton's customers and suppliers.? Mr. Foreman's services will include:

  • attending conferences, shows, and meetings with retail customers;
  • making public appearances in stores of retail customers and at other private and public events; and
  • acting in television commercials and infomercials promoting Salton products.

    Mr. Foreman will be paid an aggregate of U.S. $9 million (50 percent of which may be paid through the issuance of shares of Salton common stock) for his services over the term of the agreement, which continues through Nov. 30, 2006.

    "We are very excited about this expanded role for George Foreman," said Leonhard Dreimann, CEO of Salton. "We believe that television infomercials and commercials featuring George Foreman, as well as other types of appearances by George Foreman, will increase consumer awareness and demand for our products. Under our agreement with George Foreman, these marketing initiatives may occur in the United States as well as other areas of the world where our products are marketed to consumers. Our previous trips to the United Kingdom and other parts of the world with George Foreman have generated significant demand internationally for our George Foreman(TM) product line."

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