Samsung Introduces New Line of Built-in Home Appliances
Apr 1, 2003
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Samsung Electronics has announced a line of true built-in (TBI) home appliances. The line includes a gas oven, a microwave-convection combination oven, a refrigerator, front-loading washing machines, dishwashers, an air-conditioner, and an air-cleaner.
The new refrigerator and the microwave-convection combination oven are the two flagship models of the entire line.

The built-in refrigerator features the double-hinge system for the doors, achieving a flush fit with kitchen furniture. According to Samsung, the doors on competing models protrude at least by 21 mm.

The built-in refrigerator is a 830-L class unit featuring time-divided multi-cycle technology. The technology reportedly enables 8-percent power-saving, effective temperature control through real-time temperature monitoring, and high humidity up to 70 percent that reportedly extends freshness of stored food items. The refrigerator also operates at a 22-dB noise level.

The microwave-convection combination oven requires 50-percent less time for cooking, resulting in significant power saving. The design of the oven is said to also enable users to stand upright for convenient operation.

Other feature products include Home DVM (Digital Variable Multi) air-conditioner, which can provide air-conditioning up to five separate rooms, and an air-cleaner with the sterilization feature.

"We have high expectations for these built-in home appliances," said Mr. Yong-Oe Han, president of Samsung's Digital Appliance Network. "This announcement is a part of our plan to be the leader in the domestic built-in appliance market…just as we did in the side-by-side refrigerator market with the popular Zipel line."

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