Call for Papers for IATC 2004
Apr 3, 2003
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The Steering Committee for the 55th Annual International Appliance Technical Conference has issued a worldwide Call for Papers for Conference 2004, to be held March 29-31, 2004, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lexington, KY, U.S. The Conference solicits technical papers that focus on breakthroughs in the design and manufacture of major appliances, portable electric appliances, gas-fired appliances, consumer electronic appliances; heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment; and commercial appliances used in hotels, institutions and public buildings. In 2004, there will be one special session devoted entirely to manufacturing processes, so papers emphasizing cost-effective manufacturing techniques or innovative equipment or systems to reduce manufacturing costs will be of special interest. Engineering approaches to appliance designs that result in noise reduction, vibration reduction, energy efficiency improvements, water conservation, networking appliances, product simulation, utilization of new refrigerants, innovative features, design for disassembly, design for waste management, design for manufacturing, design considerations for health improvements, EMI/RFI shielding issues, wireless technoligy and safety improvements will also be of special interest. From appliance industry suppliers, The Conference solicits papers about new developments in controls, switches, motors, plastics, metals and other components, materials and services that promise revolutionary innovations in appliance designs, new options or features or cost-reduction opportunities. Papers about new research completed on appliances by university educators and their students in engineering or home equipment education are sought. Student participation in presenting is highly encouraged. The Conference solicits papers from government bodies, educational institutions, regulatory bodies, standards-making bodies and others influencing consumer appliance design and manufacturing for improved energy efficiency, operational safety, ergonomics, legal considerations, societal well-being or future design possibilities. New consideratins for appliances and consumers that could apply to the 21st century will be presented to an informed, involved audience of appliance design and manufacturing engineers. Anyone interested in presenting a technical paper or conducting a workshop at IATC 2004 should send a 200-word abstract with working title to the following address before August 11, 2003: International Appliance Technical Conference, Inc. 1001 Starkey Road, #427 Largo, FL 33771-5464 U.S.A.

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