Friendly Robotics Launches New Robotic Lawnmower
Apr 8, 2003
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Friendly Robotics (Dallas, TX, U.S.) announced today that the latest Robomower(R), the RL800, is now available at specialty lawn-and-garden and lawnmower shops. The fully automatic lawnmower includes several new features, including next-generation navigation software, a user-controlled theft deterrent and disabling system, an improved user interface, and user-selectable mowing navigation/edge cutting modes. According to the company, the RL800 offers features that cannot be found in walk-behind or gasoline-powered lawnmowers. Running on a high-energy rechargeable power pack, the RL800 reportedly provides a 21-in wide cut without the loud noise or gas fumes of conventional mowers. Robomower's blades mulch grass -- so there is no need to bag. It also includes a new user-controlled theft deterrent and disabling system. Guided by a Perimeter Wire, Robomower uses an onboard computer with proprietary RoboScan(R) technology, which reportedly enables it to systematically cover a lawn without any prior knowledge of the shape and obstacles in the yard. The lawnmower also has user selectable mowing/navigation modes and edge cutting modes for customization to each lawn, hence, improving efficiency. The RL800 is said to be suitable for any lawn where a conventional, walk-behind mower would be appropriate.

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