Intel Settles Patent Lawsuits
Apr 9, 2003
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Intel Corporation reported on Monday that it has reached an agreement with VIA Technologies regarding a series of chipset and microprocessor pending patent lawsuits. The settlement will affect 11 pending cases involving 27 patents in five countries. The lawsuits were filed in 2001, when both companies alleged that their microprocessor patents were being infringed upon. Both companies have agreed to dismiss all pending legal claims in all jurisdictions. Intel and VIA technologies have also entered into a 10-year patent cross license agreement covering the products of both companies. As part of the settlement, Intel granted VIA, a developer of PC core logic chipsets, microprocessors, and multimedia, networking and communications chips, a license to market microprocessors that are compatible with the x86 instruction set but not pin or bus compatible with Intel microprocessors. Intel also agreed not to assert its patents on VIA bus or pin compatible microprocessors for a period of three years. Intel also granteed VIA a four year license agreement to design and sell chip sets that are compatible with the Intel microprocessor bus and agreed not to assert its patents on VIA, its customers or distributors on the aforementioned chip sets for a fifth year.

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