Samsung Establishes New Plant in Mexico
Apr 10, 2003
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Samsung Electronics (Seoul, South Korea) announced today that it has completed construction of a new refrigeration and air conditioning plant in Queretaro, Mexico. The new plant, located northwest of Mexico City, will have an estimated output of 500,000 refrigerators and air conditioners. The appliances will be sold in Mexico, the rest of North America and Latin America. The plant will be part of Samsung Electronics Mexico (SEM), which produces TVs, color monitors, mobile phones, and now refrigerators and air conditioners. According to the company, the Queretaro plant will play an important part in expanding Samsung’s exports throughout the Americas. The company has plans to strengthen sales of high-end refrigerators, the first of which were sold in the U.S. in 2002, luxury air conditioners, front-loading washing machines, built-in appliances, LCD TVs, PDP TVs, and DVD home theaters to make Samsung the number one brand in North America.

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