Electrolux Wins Patent Case for Auto Mower(TM)
Apr 14, 2003
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Electrolux has won a patent infringement case against Centro Sistemi in Holland and Germany. Electrolux brought the case against the Italian company, which has been marketing a product called Ambrogio that is very similar to the Electrolux/Husqvarna Auto Mower(TM). After noticing many similarities between the Ambrogio and Auto Mower, Electrolux discovered that Centro Sistemi used a similar technology to the patented technology used in Auto Mower. Electrolux took legal action against Centro Sistemi for patent infringement related to the marketing and distribution of the product in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland. On April 1, Electrolux won the cases in Germany and Holland. The victory means that the present models of Ambrogio can no longer be sold on those markets. In Belgium and Switzerland, the distributors have been prohibited to sell the present product by court orders. In Austria, the distributor has agreed not to continue with the present product.

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