Smart Meters May Provide An Entrance Point for Cyber Attacks on the Connected Home
Jul 29, 2014
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Adoption of Internet-enabled Smart Meters is growing, and the meters may be intrinsic to future widespread efforts to connect a home to the Smart Grid and enable efficient home energy use. But cyber security solutions provider Trend Micro says smart meters offer a pathway for cyber criminals to access the home network and all its connected appliances and electronics.

Smart meters already see widespread use in some countries, with quick growth anticipated in the coming years. Trend Micro, however, believes smart utility grids and smart meters have not been fully tested and vetted for potential security risks.

The company poses some potential attack scenarios. Attackers may disrupt utility service as a method of extortion. Attackers may simply seek to cause chaos.

“However, we have seen other home-based devices become targets for hackers, from smart TVs to baby monitors, so there is no reason to suspect that smart meters would be left out as a target,” said Tom Kellermann, Trend Micro’s Chief Cyber Security Officer.

He added, "The lack of memory in these devices limits the industry’s capacity to layer security upon them. This reality becomes problematic as we appreciate that the future colony of botnets resides in these IPv6 enabled devices.”

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