New Cooling Standards Approved by AHRI Subcommittee
Jul 3, 2014
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The Cooling Standards Subcommittee (CSS) of the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) voted on revised standards on June 10 during a web conference.

AHRI's Standard 700-2012 with Addendum 1, Specification for Fluorocarbon Refrigerants, for the first time includes hydrocarbon (i.e.: single component and blends) and carbon dioxide refrigerants.

The single component hydrocarbon refrigerants include:
• R-50
• R-170
• R-E170
• R-290
• R-600
• R-600a
• R-601
• R-601a
• R-610
• R-1150
• R-1270

The hydrocarbon blends include:
• R-432A
• R-433A
• R-433B
• R-433C
• R-436A
• R-436B
• R-441A
• R-443A

The carbon dioxide refrigerant added to the standard is R-744.

Also approved by the CSS was Revised ANSI/AHRI Standard 620-2004, Performance Rating of Self-contained Humidifiers for Residential Applications.

The CSS also approved Addendum 1 to AHRI Standard 1230-2010, Performance Rating of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Multi-Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment.

The CSS also approved Revised ANSI/AHRI Standard 1160 (I-P)-2009/1161 (SI)-2011, Performance Rating of Heat Pump Pool Heaters.

Not approved by the CSS was AHRI Standard 1240P (I-P)/1241P (SI), Performance Rating of Active Chilled Beam Units.

All AHRI standards, included the newly approved standards, are free to download on the AHRI website at

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