Polyurethane Technology for Refrigerators Named a Best of the Best LIFE Project
Jun 27, 2014
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The project ENERG-ICE was selected as one of the six 2013 "Best of the Best" Environment and Information projects within the LIFE Environmental Program of the European Commission.

The ENERG-ICE project was led by the Dow Polyurethanes R&D team in Italy in partnership with Cannon Group companies, Afros and Crios, as well as Federchimica, and co-funded by the European Community.

The ENERG-ICE project focused on reducing the environmental impact of energy-using products, such as cold appliances. The project showcased an innovative polyurethane foaming technology for manufacturing the insulation cold appliances using cyclopentane as a blowing agent.

"The overall energy-saving objectives of the project were clearly demonstrated," said Vanni Parenti, Dow project leader. "This technology offers up to 10% in energy savings compared to the best-in-class appliances available today, which are A+ and A++ labeled, with a more sustainable process, offering a 10% carbon footprint reduction as certified by the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology."

European energy labels rate an appliance's efficiency with a letter grade—"A" being the most efficient. Cold appliances with very high levels of energy efficiency can also be graded A+, A++, or even A+++.

The Best LIFE-Environment Project selection follows a lengthy evaluation process based on a set of best practice criteria, developed by EU Member States and the European Commission. These criteria address the key issues of the projects contribution to the immediate and long-term environmental, economic, and social improvements; the degree of innovation and transferability; the relevance to policy; and cost-effectiveness.

ENERG-ICE received its award plaque during EU Green Week at an award ceremony in Brussels on June 4, 2014.

Dow, Cannon Group companies, Afros and Crios and Federchimica are partners in the ENERG-ICE Project funded by LIFE, the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental and nature conservation projects.

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