Gome Full-Year Sales Up 10.5%
May 8, 2014
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Chinese retailer Gome Electrical Appliances had full-year 2013 sales of approximately RMB 56,401 million (approx. US$9.05 billion), up 10.4% from full-year 2012.

Full-year 2013 profits ("profit attributable to the owners of the parent company") were RMB 892 million (approx. $143 million), up 222.5% from 2012.

Gome Electrical Appliances has about 1,075 retail stores in 260 large- and medium-sized cities in China.

Brick-and-mortar stores showed strong 2013 performance, with sales revenue from comparable stores growing 13.7% year-over-year, which the company said far outweighed the industry average.

This year the retail chain is embarking on an "Omni-Channel Retailer" upgrade strategy with a goal to, by 2017, "Build another Gome."

Gome CEO explained that, "The Group has decided to engage a comprehensive upgrade strategy from being a 'multi-channel retailer' to an 'Omni-Channel Retailer,' which can establish more intensive and effective retail tentacles with an open and wide-range terminal interface to fully meet various needs of different channels and a diverse range of customer groups."

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