Briggs & Stratton Automatic Choking Technology Moves to Riding Mowers
Apr 17, 2014
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Briggs & Stratton launched the ReadyStart feature for walk-behind mowers in 2005, and has now developed the technology for use in riding lawn mowers. The feature is launching in some Husqvarna riding mower models.

The system is part of Briggs & Stratton’s new V-Twin engines. The system is mechanically driven and adds two major components to a traditional engine platform: a nylon air vane and a temperature sensitive bimetallic thermostat.

The system provides a significant user benefit: starting is made easier because there is no need to prime or choke the engine.

The ReadyStart automatic choking feature is designed to start the engine within two 5-second cranking attempts in weather above 32 degrees F. The system automatically senses engine temperature to deliver the right amount of fuel to the carburetor.

Carissa Gingras, marketing director for consumer engines and service at Briggs & Stratton, said it is the only manufacturer to bring such a system to riding mowers for residential use.

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