Little Swan Sees China Becoming a Front-Loader Washing Machine Market
Apr 16, 2014
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The washing machine market in China was dealing with touch competition and diversified trends in development during 2013, according to speakers during a recent industry conference. Manufacturer Wuxi Little Swan, part of Chinese appliance giant Midea, said the sales volume of front-loading washers showed a large increase since January 2013. The company reported, in fact, that front-loader sales are beating out top-loaders overall.

That trend in the laundry appliance market in China is enticing a number of foreign appliance companies to seek out a share of the Chinese market.

Little Swan is seeking to retain and grow its market position with the introduction of the newly developed
Pure Delight (Chunzhen) 2.0 line of washing machines.

The appliance line has intelligent washing programs to automatically sense the clothes weight and use that data to regulate washing time. The controls also provide diversified functions and options, such as frequency conversion or constant frequency washing.

Little Swan believes competition in the Chinese washing machine market will remain fierce even as consumers become more demanding, which means constant innovation is now a requirement for market success.

Wuxi Little Swan Company Ltd. was established in 1958; today the company is a part of Chinese HVAC/appliance giant Midea. Little Swan developed China's first fully automatic washing machine. Starting in the late 1990s, Little Swan became the primary manufacturer of front-load washing machines for U.S.-based GE Appliances.

Little Swan has manufacturing bases in the Chinese cities of Wuxi and Hefei, with a combined annual capacity of 10 million washing machines. It exports 3.2 million washers annually.

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