Midea Carrier Joint Venture Microwave Oven Production Line Launched
Mar 5, 2014
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Midea Carrier Joint Venture (MCJV) plant in Manaus, Brazil, held a celebration marking the official startup of its new microwave oven production line. Executives from the Midea Kitchen Appliances Division executives visited the plant to attend the event.

New consumer products were also launched.

Midea sees Brazil as one of the biggest consumer markets and biggest growth markets in Latin America, and the company sees it as a key market for development of the brand.

Midea entered the Brazilian market in 2007 and has had success in residential air-conditioning sales. An air-conditioner plant started up in 2012. Midea said it ranks first on the brand market share list.

The first phase of the microwave oven production line is designed to have production capacity of 600,000 units, and the company expects 500,000 units to be produced in 2014. Phase two of the plant expansion will be completed in 2015, boosting capacity to one million units.

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