Philips Moves To No. 3 In Patent Applicants at the European Patent Office
Mar 6, 2014
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Royal Philips became the number 3 patent applicant for patents filed at the European Patent Office (EPO). The company filed 1839 patent applications at the EPO in 2013, up 59% from 2012 when it was No. 12 in the EPO’s yearly patent applicant ranking.

“Our Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio is one of the strategic assets, together with our brand, which is differentiating and gives us our competitive edge,” says Brian Hinman, Philips’ Chief Intellectual Property Officer. “Our number 3 position in the EPO’s ranking shows our recognition of Europe as an important region to protect our IP. At Philips we invest more than 7% of our annual turnover in Research and Development.”

Philips is the world’s leading patent applicant at the EPO in the categories "Medical Technology" and "Instrument Measurement." Today, 40% of its patent filings are in the area of Healthcare and over 30% are related to Lighting.

Philips said manages one of the largest and strongest IP portfolios in the world, with more than 64,000 patent rights, 93,000 design rights, 46,000 trademarks, and 4,700 domain names.

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