Philips Shaver Wins a Design For Asia Award 2013
Dec 17, 2013
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The Philips RQ370 Two Headed Rotary Shaver (pictured) was one of four products from Royal Philips (Amsterdam) to win an award during the Design For Asia Award 2013 (DFA).

The winners were announced during a presentation ceremony held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre as part of Business of Design Week.

Philips Lighting won two awards. A Bronze Award for the Orbit LED luminaires, a line of LED luminaires designed for Asian homes and giving soft, bright light. Philips Friends was awarded the Merit Recognition. This is an energy-saving line of drop pendant lights designed for striking yet natural silhouettes.

Merit Recognitions went to two products from Philips Consumer Lifestyle: the Fidelio HTL9100 SoundBar with Surround on Demand as well as the RQ370 Two Headed Rotary Shaver.

The RQ370 Rotary Shaver is designed with central drive technology, which connects all rotary blades to the shaving motor using only one axle. The shaver is designed to have a slim, ergonomic body that fits easily in the hand. It has a 2D contour following system, to adjust to the user's facial curves, and is designed to accommodate the specifics of Asian beard growth.

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