John Deere Pavilion Opens Autonomous Mower Exhibit
Dec 19, 2013
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The John Deere Pavilion, Deere & Company's visitor center in downtown Moline, IL, opened an exhibit showcasing the new Tango E5 autonomous mower.

The exhibit gives Pavilion visitors to a real-time demonstration of this hands-free machine and its lawn mowing abilities on a residential lawn setting. The Tango E5 mower is currently only available in some European countries, so the Pavilion is likely the only place that many in the United States will see the device at work.

Brigitte Tapscott, manager of the John Deere Pavilion, said it was the first time the Pavilion was offering a live product demonstration to its guests. "We think most homeowners will find Tango fascinating whether they see lawn care as a hobby or a chore," she said.

The demonstration is presented inside the John Deere Pavilion in a realistic residential setting complete with landscaping. Via video, the exhibit features a family as they go about their daily routine, while an actual Tango handles the lawn care.

The Pavilion is located along the shores of the Mississippi River near the company's original Moline plow factory, and it has attracted more than three million guests from around the world since it opened in 1997. The 14,000-square-foot, glass- and steel-enclosed structure features a variety of exhibits about Deere & Company's global businesses and products.

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