Samsung 3Q Appliance Segment Sales Down 6%
Dec 10, 2013
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Samsung Electronics' Consumer Electronics business segment, which includes its Digital Appliances business, had third quarter 2013 sales of KRW 12.05 trillion (approx. USD $11.5 billion), down 6% from KRW 12.22 in 3Q 2012.

The CE business reported 3Q 2013 operating profit of KRW 0.35 trillion (approx. $333 million), down 18% from KRW 0.40 trillion in 3Q 2012.

Samsung Digital Appliances saw emerging market growth in decline, and said it will focus on improving competitiveness by enhancing its mass-market appliance model lines.

Samsung Electronics overall reported third quarter 2013 sales of KRW 59.08 trillion (approx. $56.2 billion), up from KRW 52.18 trillion in the third quarter of 2012. Operating profit in 3Q 2013 was KRW 10.16 trillion (approx. $9.66), up from KRW 8.06 trillion in 3Q 2012.

Samsung business segments, in addition to Consumer Electronics/Digital Appliances, include: IT & Mobile Communications, Device Solutions, and Display Panel.

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