Local Merchants Leveraging Gift Card Popularity for the Holidays - Just Like Big Box Retailers
Nov 21, 2013
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Local merchants are finding new ways to use stored value cards to promote and grow their business both online and through in-store promotions, according to Mercury Payment Systems, a payment processing company.

"Increasingly, we're finding smaller merchants take their cues from big box retailers about how to market and sell to their customers," said Travis Priest, vice president of value added services at Mercury Payment Systems. "Local businesses have always had an edge on mega-retailers by being able to offer better customer service and a more positive in-store experience. Increasingly, they have access to technology tools integrated directly into their point-of-sale system that helps them leverage this advantage and reach out to more shoppers."

Many smaller retailers are using customized gift cards to take advantage of the growing popularity of stored value cards to grow their customer base. NRF data showed that 60% of American consumers would like to receive gift cards this holiday season. 2013 was the seventh year in a row that consumers named gift cards as the most desired gift.

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