Kitchen Brains Launches Cloud-Based SCK Set Point Manager
Nov 20, 2013
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Kitchen Brains has released the SCK Set Point Manager (SPM), a cloud-based application for food service operators.

The company is a developer of integrated, end-to-end, wireless M2M networking solutions and SaaS applications for commercial kitchens.

SPM is designed to ensure food quality, ease food service operations, record store inspection audits, and shorten deployment time of Limited Time Offers (LTOs). It allows for cloud-based automatic scheduling and resetting of set points instantaneously in all sites globally.

"SPM takes what is today a manual process fraught with errors and automates that process by enabling management to remotely monitor, adjust and schedule updates to all their appliances around the globe from one centrally-located cloud," said Reza Khani, Kitchen Brains COO.

SPM is integrated into the company's current cloud interface in conjunction with other released Kitchen Brains Genius Suite of Applications, which includes SCK Quality Production Manager (QPM) and SCK Food Safety Manager (FSM). All these solutions are interoperable with Xwire, Zigbee Pro and Lonmark.

SPM gives users the ability to:
* Create/modify set points and recipes across different appliances through SPM's recipe management features.
* Monitor product consistency across a set of sites.
* Receive alerts/notifications when a change is made to a set point at a site.
* Schedule automatic global roll-out of new product set points.

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