Color Trends in Kitchen Design
Oct 29, 2013
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Australian-based kitchen design firm Freedom Kitchen says timber grain and blocks of color are trending.

The firm's National Sales and Design Manager Susan Hasler said four top color trends should be considered by homeowners when developing a kitchen design palette:

Color Blocking is currently a strong trend. This approach combines blocks of color for a stylish effect. The top photo shows a kitchen designed by Freedom Kitchens and using bright colors on only one elevation for maximum visual impact. Hasler noted that the color use in this design may be too extreme for most homes, but said homeowners shouldn't be shy about adding a row of cabinetry in a striking shade to their kitchens to make a bold statement.

A second color trend is the use of gray color, which Hasler called the new modern neutral, and it can have a chameleon-like effect. Warm grays can be used to provide the base for a classic elegance in the design, then grounded with blacks, whites, and browns. Cool grays can be paired with crisp whites for a contemporary and edgy look, as seen in the second photo. Gray as a neutral base can also work well with pops of bright colors like orange and yellow.

Also trending, Hasler said, it the mixing of textures in the kitchen. Wood grain finishes and other natural elements add character and interest when paired with gloss, glass, and stone (photo 3).

Monochrome design is the fourth current color trend, according to Hasler, and she noted that a black and white color scheme can offer almost limitless arrangement possibilities. A monochrome design can be made to look traditional, modern, luxurious, country, or retro. She added that integrated appliances are an excellent option in monochromatic design.

The company offers design services and sells appliances, furniture, and homewares, with stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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