Whirlpool Corp. Awarded for Smart Grid Appliances
Oct 8, 2013
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Whirlpool Corp. received the Innovative Star award from the Alliance to Save Energy during the Star of Energy Efficiency awards reception at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, DC.

Star of Energy Efficiency awards go to individuals, organizations, companies, learning institutions, and government programs that have demonstrated a significant and tangible commitment to the cause of energy efficiency in the United States and abroad.

Whirlpool Corp. was named the 2013 Innovative Star award recipient for a line of Smart Grid home appliances with functions that help consumers avoid peak energy use times, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

"This award acknowledges the importance of Whirlpool's Smart Grid appliances for consumers and the overall energy savings for society," said Christian Gianni, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Whirlpool Corporation.

"With the collaboration of the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and Energy Star program, as well as organizations like the National Resources Defense Council, we have been able to dramatically improve the efficiency of many of our appliances," Gianni said. "For example, our latest refrigerators consume less energy than a 60W light bulb and are 50% more efficient than refrigerators from only 13 years ago."

"Year after year Whirlpool inspires us with their creativity and passion to take energy efficiency to new heights," said Alliance President Kateri Callahan. "I am honored tonight to celebrate their leadership and vision in driving energy efficiency into our homes. This prestigious award adds another notch onto Whirlpool's already brilliant history of innovation."

Whirlpool said its Smart Grid appliances offer a viable approach to cutting peak energy demand and improving the reliability of the electrical grid. Smart appliances have the ability to automatically modify energy consumption to avoid peak or costly time periods, saving consumers money, whether the appliance is hooked up to a smart meter or not. They also enable operation from smartphones and tablets, which can allow for easier and simpler operation.

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