Electrolux Announces Design Lab 2013 Finalists
Sep 19, 2013
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Eight concepts, out of 1700 submissions, were selected as finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2013 competition.

Electrolux described the eight concepts as offering solutions in
Social Cooking, Effortless Cleaning, and Natural Air.

The eight finalists will present their concepts to a jury in Stockholm, Sweden on Oct. 16 2013, after which a winner will be chosen.

"The theme of this year's Electrolux Design Lab competition is 'Inspired Urban Living' as we discuss visions and inspiration which delight us and lift up our everyday lives in the future home environment," said Chief Design Officer and Jury head Stefano Marzano. "Out of 1,700 submissions we chose eight thought-provoking and creative finalist concepts, which represent a broad selection of inspirational concepts for cooking, cleaning and air cleaning, in a way which offers solutions based on true needs, yet surprise us with their propositions of the way our future lives are experienced."

The finalist concepts include:
* a 3D food printer (pictured), designed by Luiza Silva of Brazil
* a cleaner using flying nano-robots, designed by Adrian Perez Zapata of Colombia
* a food nutrition scale and map, designed by Janne Palovuori from Finland
* a shape transforming vacuum cleaner, designed by Germain Verbrackel of France
* a breathing wall air cleaner, designed by Jeabyun Yeon of Korea
* a fashionable air purifying and scenting necklace, designed by Wei Kiat Law of Singapore
* a food stock and diet manager, designed by Francisco Barboza Grasa from Spain
* a hologram cooking appliance, designed by Dawid Dawod of Sweden

The Design Lab 2013 winner will serve an internship with the Electrolux Design Department, at one of the company's Global Design Centres.

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