U.S. Manufacturing Adds 14,000 jobs in August 2013
Sep 9, 2013
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The latest U.S. jobs report shows that 14,000 United States manufacturing jobs were added in August 2013.

However, the Alliance for American Manufacturing's AAMeter showed a net gain of just 12,000 jobs for full-year 2013.

The alliance said the numbers showed a large downward revision in July. Auto manufacturers laid off far more workers than expected in July, then hired them back in August, which the alliance said is traditional seasonal behavior for the auto industry.

Scott Paul, President of AAM, pointed to the weak jobs report, downward revisions to earlier jobs reports, and a record monthly trade deficit with China. "A manufacturing jobs resurgence doesn't exist, and it hasn't for some time," Paul said.

Paul blamed inaction in Washington for allowing a potential recovery for U.S. manufacturing fizzle out--"at least for now."

Paul added, "I believe such a resurgence is possible, but only with smart public policy support: investing in infrastructure and innovation, taking on currency manipulators, and revamping vocational education."

In a recent op-ed in Real Clear Politics, Paul urged Congress and the Administration to undertake a competitiveness-and-jobs agenda.

"Congress must do more to help, but so must the Administration."

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