NEMA Urges Senate to Adopt Energy-Efficiency Tax Incentives
Jul 30, 2013
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A July 25 letter from National Electrical Manufacturers Association President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis to the Senate Finance Committee urged the committee to consider technology-neutral, energy-efficiency tax incentives developed by NEMA.

NEMA developed its tax proposal to meet the three requirements established by the committee:
* to grow the economy
* to make the tax code fairer
* to promote energy efficiency

"Our proposal establishes tax incentives for energy efficiency in buildings, industrial applications, and the electric grid," said Gaddis. "Additionally, NEMA members currently manufacture technologies that can help reach the objectives of the Senate Finance Committee."

NEMA's proposed tax incentives would grow the economy by boosting the manufacturing of energy-efficient technologies, make the tax code fairer because it is technology-neutral, and promote the national policy objective of energy efficiency.

The complete letter and proposal are offered on the NEMA website: click here.

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