Hitachi Reports Steady Appliance Sales
May 16, 2013
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Hitachi, Ltd. (Tokyo) reported fiscal year revenues of 9,041,071 million yen (approx. US$96,182 million), compared to 9,665,883 million yen in the previous fiscal year. Hitachi's fiscal year 2012 ended March 31, 2013.

Operating income in FY 2012 was 422,028 million yen (approx. $4,490 million), from 412,280 million yen in FY 2011.

Hitachi is a diversified company with several product segments. Its Digital Media & Consumer Products segment produces consumer electronics products, including TVs, DVD drives, and data storage media. The segment also produces a number of appliances:
* air-conditioning equipment
* refrigerators
* room air conditioners
* washing machines

Digital Media & Consumer Products had FY 2012 revenues of 818.5 billion yen (approx $8,708 million), down 5% from FY 2011. The segment reported an operating loss of 5.3 billion yen (approx. $57 million), a 5.5 billion yen improvement from FY 2011.

The segment recorded steady sales of home appliances in FY 2012. The overall segment decrease came from lower sales in flat-panel TVs and lower optical disk drive sales caused by reduced prices.
The improvement in the operating loss reflected the benefits of reforms to the TV business structure reforms. FY 2011 had also been impacted by flooding in Thailand.

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