Daikin McQuay Expands Variable Speed Inverter Compressors in Rooftop Units
Apr 30, 2013
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Daikin McQuay is expanding the use of Variable Speed Inverter Compressor technology across its rooftop platform, in units up to 140 tons.

The company said the success of the technology in Daikin McQuay Rebel units, 3-15 tons, provides high degree of energy efficiency as well as better temperature and dehumidification control than typical rooftop units. Units in the line are the only commercial rooftop units thus far to meet the United States Department of Energy's Rooftop Unit Challenge. The units achieve part-load efficiencies of up to 20.6 IEER, surpassing ASHRAE's 90.1 minimum standard by 80%.

The expanded use of variable speed inverter compressor technologies in rooftop units will start with the company's RoofPak family of units, ranging from 15-140 tons. In the next step the technology will be added to the Maverick II line, ranging from 15-75 tons.

The technology in new rooftop units will begin in the summer of 2013.

Daikin McQuay, based in Minneapolis, MN, is a member of the Daikin Group, based in Osaka, Japan.

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