MIT Picks 10 Technologies Likely to Change the World
Apr 29, 2013
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The MIT Technology Review has chosen it's latest list of 10 technologies that it believes are most likely to change the world.

Among the items on the list:
* Ultra-Efficient Solar Power--which could rewrite the economic viability calculation for solar energy
* Smart Watches--making smartphones even more usable by taking them out of the pocket and putting them on the user's wrist
* Additive Manufacturing--3D printing of high-precision parts will soon become a manufacturing reality when GE starts using the technology to make jet engine brackets
* Supergrids-- ABB's high-voltage DC circuit breaker solves the primary technical roadblock to DC power grids, which could be a more efficient replacement to the AC grids that have dominated transmission grids essentially since electrical distribution began.
* Baxter: The Blue-Collar Robot--the robot from Rethink Robotics communicates its status through facial expressions, runs on software from an ordinary PC, and allows for close interaction with humans, who train the robot by moving its arms.

Technology Review Editor Jason Pontin explained how the list was chosen: "We are how technologies can solve really hard problems." He said the review board looks initially at really difficult problems--"problems whose intractability is a source of frustration, grief, or comedy and whose solution will expand human possibilities."

The technologies chosen for the Top 10 list are at different stages of maturity--some still being developed in the lab, others much closer to being commercialized. Pontin said that every technology must show "some plausible path to widespread use."

The full list is on the web site at

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